Real-Time Hybrid Display


"We decided to go with a hybrid static-dynamic mapboard wall through a collaborative effort of Monitor Mapboard Systems and Primate Technologies. I was very pleased with the partnership and final product by Monitor and Primate. The overall product fit exactly what we felt would be the most beneficial for our system operators and I would highly recommend them."

Chief Dispatcher, Load Serving Operations - Idaho Power






Watch Scadaboard in action while viewing this Idaho Power case study

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Scadaboard is a Patent Pending real-time monitoring display wall that utilizes SA2™ data visualization software from Primate Technologies and hi-res front projection to bring relevant and timely dynamic content to a dynamic or static modular Monitor mapboard wall. This hybrid display solution delivers optimal situational awareness, cost-efficiency and reliability to 24/7 electric utility control rooms. Scadaboard is an excellent solution for utilities managing NERC requirements, high reliability and availability standards, critical infastructure protection (CIP) requirements, compliance regulations and security constraints. Scadaboard will also assist in protecting threats to the power grid by providing information that allows operators to prevent situations before they occur and restore faster when the escalation of a situation is inevitable. When compared to alternative video mapboard technologies, Scadaboard is a longer term solution that guarantees business continuity during outages and or failure of other electronic systems.

efficient updating method
  • Scadaboard Desktop - Operator placed pins and notes for use at the desktop which may also be projected onto the mapboard.
  • Scadaboard Dynamic - Interface to a mapboard/projection controller for delivering real-time device status to the mapboard.
  • Scadaboard OA - Includes a SCADA interface to the mapboard/projection controller for delivering relevant real-time content directly from SCADA which is projected to the mapboard.
efficient updating method
  • Scadaboard OA w/ Desktop - Scadaboard OA is supplemented with content from SCADA and projects this information onto the mapboard along with the operator placed pins and notes available with Scadaboard Desktop.
  • Scadaboard SA - Includes interfaces to multiple systems such as vehicle tracking, weather data, security information, etc. combined with real-time data coming through the SCADA interface.
  • Scadaboard SA w/ Desktop - Scadaboard SA is supplemented with content from SCADA and other technology systems and projects this information onto the mapboard along with the operator placed pins and notes available with Scadaboard Desktop.