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“Now that our project is completed, I can tell you without a doubt that we made the right choice.”

TOC Manager, Investor Owned Utility MS

"...We love our new map and it was a pleasure to work with your guys on this project.  Hopefully next year we will be back for the distribution map.  Please call upon me anytime we can help you. And if you have customers that would like to see our mapboard, we will be glad to help."

Dispatch Communication Supervisor, Municipal Utility AL 

“I can't tell you how much we love our mapboard. It is so easy to use and the amount of information and conditions that can be put on it makes the crews very happy when we do our orders or have emergency switching to do.”

O.M. & C. Superintendent, Municipal Utility CA

"The planning, design and installation relationship we had with Monitor was excellent and outstanding.  The completed project exceeded everyone's expectations."

Supervisor, SCADA System Support Group & Project Manager, Investor Owned Utility MS




Investor Owned Utility

Xcel Energy

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Xcel Energy serves approximately 3.2 million customers and operates 17,335 miles of transmission lines throughout a 10-state service territory served by control areas in the Upper Midwest, Mountain West and Southwest regions.  Xcel has been a client of Monitor Mapboard Systems, LLC since 2005 when the SW Area control center, serving 395,000 consumers selected the Monitor system to replace a mosaic plastic tile mapboard that could no longer display the level of detail in the configuration needed. This client has an operational preference for the Monitor technology due to the graphic flexibility, efficient digital based method for updating the system image and because of our ability to deliver customized solutions.

Challenged with aging video wall and mapboard technology, Xcel Energy and Monitor embarked on the next phase of mapboard replacements that would bring platform consistency and standardize mapboard technology across all Xcel control centers. In the Mountain West region, which serves approximately 1.35 million consumers, a new dynamic mapboard was installed to replace a taped steel pegboard system that was difficult to maintain and could no longer keep up with the growth of the power system. The existing structure contained Asbestos panels that had to be removed prior to installing the new mapboard, which features high resolution graphics against a ‘black’ background, approximately 4,500 LED status indicators and a custom LED lighting solution. Additionally, a reduced scale dynamic training mapboard and backup control center mapboard were produced from the same digital file as the primary system mapboard.

Additionally, a new dynamic mapboard replaced a large rear-projection video wall in the first of two Upper Midwest control areas which serve approximately 250,000 consumers. Replacement parts for the video system were becoming obsolete and maintenance costs were rising. Additionally, it was difficult to display the entire system “at a glance” in the available space on the video wall. The display area on the new mapboard is approximately 4x larger and features high resolution graphics against a ‘black’ background. Approximately 2,500 status indicators and a custom framing design provide the system operators with excellent visualization of their system.

The final phase of mapboard replacements included a new dynamic mapboard to replace 3 large rear-projection video walls in the fourth and final control area which serves approximately 1.2 million consumers. This project features high resolution graphics, approximately 4,000 LED indicators and 30 integrated BCD digital displays. A reduced scale training center mapboard, produced from the same digital file as the primary system mapboard, will be used to train future operators, engineers and technicians.

In 2011, J.D. Power ranked Xcel Energy-Midwest the best large utility in serving electric business customers.  The survey revealed that providing accurate power restoration times following outages has a significant impact on business customer satisfaction with electric providers.  Xcel's business case for selecting the Monitor dynamic mapboard technology cited "improved reaction time to abnormal grid conditions" which should also keep their customers, both residential and business, satisified for many years.