The Big Picture


“The development of the graphic file was tedious work, but the experience of previous projects shared by your team made the effort very efficient. The workmanship and craftsmanship of the Monitor team is outstanding! I know the ongoing support that will be supplied by your team will be the best in this market! ”

TOC Manager – Investor Owned Utility, AR


About the Monitor System


Dynamic Monitor® Mapboard

The Monitor mapboard system is a “customer driven” display technology that utilizes an electronic system drawing, developed in collaboration with our utility customers, to create a mapboard display customized to meet the unique operating requirements of each utility.

Once the digital file is complete, the graphic image is output at high resolution and secured to conveniently sized 11 x 8.5 inch flexible steel panels which are the foundation of the Monitor system. The steel panels are then placed and magnetically held to a precisely engineered mapboard structure that hold the panels in perfect registration, forming a single graphic image and smooth, monolithic surface. When the system changes and updates are needed, the customer makes the revisions and transfers the revised drawing to Monitor which we then use to re-produce only those modules affected by the change. The updated modules are sent back for quick and easy placement on the mapboard.

efficient updating method

Our expertise in delivering customized solutions and our commitment to quality has created an operational preference for our system over many years. Additionally, the Monitor system offers key advantages over alternative mapboard technologies while serving as a reliable compliment to large LCD monitors and or rear-projection video displays.  Recently, Scadaboard was introduced as the first true "hybrid" mapboard display that combines robust data visualization software with high resolution front projection to deliver relevant and timely dynamic content to the surface of Monitor's modular mapboard wall.  For more information, please Contact Us through the portal provided on