Critical Monitoring

Monitor System Mapboards are an innovative, long-term display technology used for control and monitoring of a dynamic, inter-connected or stand alone, system or network.  Don't get caught off guard! Optimize the quality and speed of decisions by providing your System Operators with a clear, concise wide-area system representation that is critical to the efficient and safe operation of your control area.

Situational Awareness

It is critical that the System Operator quickly recognize abnormal conditions that are caused by an outage or switching operation.  Reduce errors and equip your System Operators with a display technology that is proven in providing quick and easy access to the right information at the right time!  Monitor System Mapboards enhance SA by cost effectively displaying your system status and condition ‘at a glance’.

Total Reliability

When you need relevant information in a crisis, Monitor System Mapboards deliver a reliable source of ‘system connectivity’ 24/7/365 when other electronic system displays are compromised or fail. Reduce your risk and ensure business continuity!  The certainty of the mapboard information, combined with the minimal cost to operate over a long life cycle, is a sound investment in a world of uncertainty.